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Kickstart helps to ease relocation stress

by 1st Contact | Oct 09, 2012
  • 1st Contact, the most established relocation company for working travellers heading to the UK, developed the idea of a “Kickstart package” about six years ago. Their aim was to create a product that provides everything needed by people moving to the UK to live and work.
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    Now, more than 4,000 people sign up every year. They save both time and money, as the Kickstart package allows them to settle in the UK quickly and comfortably.

    The entire package costs only AUS$85, NZ$99, ZAR390, and £35 in the UK.  It includes the following items and services:

     1. UK Bank account

    Kickstart makes it quick and easy to open a UK bank account, even with no proof of UK residence.  You have a choice between HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds TSB, or Metro Bank - and the process is simplified thanks to the fantastic relationship that 1st Contact has with the banks.

    2. UK National Insurance number assistance

    Part of the Kickstart is a help guide that explains how to apply for an NI number. 1st Contact also offers an Easy NINO service.

    3. CV and  job  assistance

    1st Contact can help you with the correct UK CV format, and will send your CV to their Job Assistance team for free. They work with more than 100 of the UK's premier recruitment agencies and will be able to assist you with your job search before you even leave home.

    4. A UK SIM card

    A Pay & Go SIM card is included in the package. With cheap international call rates and data downloads, the SIM is available in both standard and micro SIM sizes. Your new UK phone number is allocated before you leave home, so your family and friends can always be in touch.

    5. Free international money transfer

    Kickstart includes a free money transfer, so that you can easily and safely send your money to your new UK bank account. They also offer competitive and transparent exchange rates, should you wish to transfer money from the UK on a regular basis.

    6. London guide

    This handy guide includes everything you need to know about London, including transport, the UK tax system, healthcare, sports in the UK, entertainment, and travelling abroad. It also gives advice and guidance on finding work and accommodation.

    7. Free five-day gym membership

    Enjoy a five-day gym pass, as well as a discounted gym contract.

    8. Discounts on other 1st Contact  services

    Kickstart provides great discounts on 1st Contact services and affiliated partners, such as tax refunds, shipping, accommodation, and tour operators.

    You can either collect your Kickstart package from the 1st Contact office, or arrange to have your package posted to your new UK address. Once you receive your package, you will need to attend your bank appointment with your passport and Kickstart bank letter, which is provided in your package.

    Once your account is open, you will receive your bank documents within five to seven working days.

    The Kickstart package products and services may also be purchased individually.

    The Kickstart package was designed to help ease the stress and uncertainty of relocating to London – and that’s exactly what it does. For more information about Kickstart procedures and services, please visit our website

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