Making the Most Out of Money Transfers during the Festive Season

Despite the economic peril that has flooded the UK’s financial markets, and with Christmas festivities around the corner, expert financial services and migration group, 1st Contact, offers some tips and tricks to curb the bitter aftermath brought upon by a waning economy over the festive season.

The biggest word of advice that 1st Contact gives to young travelers and professionals is to take their financial affairs into their own hands, so as to be smart, nimble and quick in responding to market fluctuations in order to safe guard themselves from incurring unnecessary additional financial strain during the festive season.

The following 1st Contact tips apply to make the most out of the festive season within an uncertain UK economy:

* Track Exchange Rate Fluctuations Regularly: Continuously monitor market fluctuations, enabling you to become agile in responding intelligently to favorable market conditions, when transferring funds to international destinations. Subscribe to 1st Contact’s online exchange rate notifier and currency review to receive the latest news on market movements and regular alerts of exchange rate fluctuations, so as to make the most out of an uncertain economy.

* Shop Around: You will only get the best exchange rates if you are willing to shop around, canvass and assess a variety of different options. It is crucial to only use reputable companies who are well established, as a measure to safeguard against unnecessary risk given the current economic climate. Be aware of smaller companies who are likely to be experiencing cash flow problems, during the economic strife, which will ultimately diminish and compromise the safety of your funds.

* Always Ask for Upfront and Transparent Exchange Rates: When you shop around, it is essential to ensure that companies are presenting you with the actual exchange rates that they have secured for you. Time and time again, traditional Forex companies have been known to present consumers with one rate whilst securing a different rate. This leads to disappointment when less money than what was originally anticipated clears into these individuals’ bank accounts. 1st Contact Forex has developed a unique platform enabling the most transparent and upfront method of transferring money to international destinations through the use of a debit card. This unique functionality is as transparent and upfront as it gets, by truly ensuring that the rate you see is the rate you get.

* Find Out About Receiving Fees: Always be sure to ask whether you will be charged receiving fees, as most banks and traditional Forex companies have been known to charge hefty fees. 1st Contact are one of the few Forex providers who will openly reveal all hidden costs, ensuring that the rate you see is the rate you get.

Contact 1st Contact Forex to plan your money transfer requirements safely and intelligently over the festive season: Visit or or call 0800 856 2470 (free phone within UK)



    i read your article. yes i do agree that banks are the most safest way to go and the charges is huge.

    My husband and I have some dealings in it and were looking at other ways to send money to me. He then chose to use Moneygram.

    It is safe and i get it immediately the moment i get the Reference number from him and he has the choice of pay the commission or i do at my end.

    Then we discovered the UK post offices international money transfer card. This is so easy and its safe to use. All done with a few clicks with the mouse or use an app on the phone.

    1. he got the card from the local UK post office where they explained to him how it works etc.

    2. sent the card to me by registered post, later phoned me with the necessary details

    He sent money regularly and i can withdraw the money at any ATM

    When he sent the money he could choose the amount and it will tell him immediately the exchange rate and how much it will be with the conversion.

    when all is done it sent him an email confirming it is succesful.

    He can also see the transactions ect all safely on the post office website.

    I highly recommend this to everyone who has family or friends. this is safe and i have the money 24/7 available


    • 1st Contact

      Hi Maren,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      We’re happy to hear that you have found something that works for you.

      1st Contact Forex also offers a bank-to-bank money transfer service. Why not try it out? Your first transfer is free:

      We are confident in our bank-beating exchange rates and our service is fast, safe and simple.

      If you would like to find out more about 1st Contact Forex, please visit our website: