Systems Upgrades Set to Delay Issuance of Tax Refund Cheques

July 2, 2009 02:53

1st Contact warns individuals of the current system upgrades, currently taking place at the In Land Revenue, which are set to put a slight delay on various tax refund claim submissions. The Inland Revenue’s Pay As You Earn” systems are currently undergoing a revamp, which are due for completion in mid July. 1st Contact would like to confirm that this process will only affect PAYE and not Self Assessment cases.

The reason for the anticipated delay, in the issuance of tax refund cheques, is due to the fact that the system upgrades will have “view only” systems, allowing 1st Contact’s tax refund consultants to call the Inland Revenue for updates, where unfortunately no further actions will be able to take place during this specified time period.

This is set to affect all tax offices throughout the UK, which will have an impact on each and every tax refund applicant. The inconvenience caused from this systems upgrade will fortunately come to an end mid July, where 1st Contact will continue managing tax refunds submissions in a normal manner.

1st Contact advises of the importance of liaising with professional tax refund consultants during this time of change at the Inland Revenue, in order to ensure that all your tax related documents and information pertaining to your tax refund are kept safe at all times, disallowing any critical information to go missing.

To enquire some more about this issue or to start your Tax Refund process, get in touch with one of 1st Contact’s Tax Refund consultant’s today.
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