SA Property Market Boosted by Expats

According to an article published in Fin 24 the South African housing market has seen a revival largely from a surge of interest from South African expats living abroad. Coupled with a weaker Rand, 1st Contact explains the benefits of managing off shored property investments optimally.

According to Ernst van Rensburg, expert Forex Consultant and manager “it is crucial to partner up with an established money transfer partner in order to generate more Rands for your Pounds as well as to keep your transfer fees down to a minimum. We believe that this will help individuals to safeguard, as far as possible, against the remnants and risks associated with an unpredictable economic climate”

1st Contact Forex offers the following advisory tips to individuals who are either maintaining or investing in off shored property:

1. Set up a monthly standing order with 1st Contact Forex so that your repayments can move out of your account automatically, whilst being rest assured that you will continuously be getting the best rate possible.

2. An important element to making a successful property investment abroad is having the flexibility to respond rapidly to profitable opportunities that may arise. 1st Contact offer a standard settlement service, taking 2-3 days as well as a speed service taking up to 1 day. Most banks have been known to take round about a week to settle. An increased settlement period, often spurred by time delays from the bank can result in individuals loosing out on purchasing their dream homes or property investments.

3. Subscribe to 1st Contact’s currency rate notifier for regular currency alerts, enabling you to time your property investments optimally. Since earning Pounds does put individuals in a favorable position, keeping abreast of currency changes proactively is set to give you an edge when engaging in the international property market.

4. Convenience is key to making your monthly repayments. 1st Contact offer the most transparent service in the industry, allowing individuals to conduct a transfer over the internet using their debit cards, where the actual rate presented is the rate that will be guaranteed, with no hidden costs or surprises.

For more information or to seek advice from one of our expert consultants visit 1st Contact Forex.