South African Tax Season is Here

The 2011 South African Tax season is upon us again and this year’s theme is “Taking the ‘eish’ out of tax-eish-ion.” In keeping with this, here at 1st Contact the SA Tax team have been hard at work refining their process to make it easier for their clients.

Frequently asked questions on the South African Tax Year

How does the 2011 tax year work?

For normal taxpayers, tax season opens 1 July 2011. The deadline for your income tax return 25 November 2011.
For provisional taxpayers the tax season also opens 1 July 2011 but the deadline for income tax returns is 31 January 2012.

What is a Provisional taxpayer?

A provisional taxpayer is any person who derives income which is not remuneration or an allowance or advance.

What is the cost?

Well, that has not changed from last year! A simple calculation is R 950.00 (excl VAT)
A complex calculation will be charged at R 350 or R 450 an hour (excl VAT) – depending on the knowledge and expertise required!

Is My Calculation Simple or Complex?

A simple calculation is if you earn from 1 or 2 sources and all the information is readily available. Beyond this, we get into the complex territory.
The higher rate of R 450 comes into play when your case requires advanced knowledge of the weird tax laws you never want to think about.

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