The Smart Way to Transfer Money

Money Transfer with 1st Contact VS The High-street Banks

Which can save you up to AUD 65 per 1000 you transfer?

If you guessed that the banks are the cheapest way to transfer money from the UK to Australia or South Africa (or anywhere else for that matter) you’d be wrong.

A comparison by 1st Contact Forex has shown that a transfer of £1000 from the UK to Australia would save you as much as AUD 65 – you save on the better exchange rate, the much cheaper transfer fee and the receiving fee, which is AUD 10 through the banks and FREE through 1st Contact Forex.

If you were sending money home to South Africa and transferring £1000, you would save a whopping R562, while transferring the same amount to India through 1st Contact Forex would amount to a saving of INR 2666.97!

“There’s still quite a misconception among most people that the banks are the cheapest, fastest way to send money,” says Gemma Cloete of 1st Contact Forex. “This is simply not true. And, while most banks take between 3 and 7 days to transfer the money, 1st Contact Forex does so within 1-3 days.”

To compare the fees and exchange rates, or to do your money transfer simply and at the best exchange rates, visit 1st Contact take pride in their exceptional service, as well as the fact that they offer the most transparent transfer service in the market – the rate you see when you buy your foreign exchange is the rate you get.

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