Outsourcing Payroll Services the Way to Go

Chairman of the National Outsourcing Association Martyn Hart said recently that more firms and sole traders operating in the modern business environment are choosing to outsource their payroll functions to companies who specialise in these services.

“The key benefits of outsourcing payroll are that [it] is more cost-effective and allows companies to concentrate fully on their core business activities,” Mr Hart said.

Pieter Carstens of 1st Contact Umbrella agrees: “By employing payroll companies, the burden of doing it in-house is minimised and there is also in many instances a substantial cost saving.”

“Companies who are growing tired of dealing with HMRC, waiting for calls and emails to be answered or returned and experiencing delays ate every turn should take advantage of the relationships built up over the years between HMRC and companies like 1st Contact Umbrella” he said.

“We also have sophisticated software, highly experienced staff and a direct line to HMRC – our clients don’t have to deal directly with them – they deal instead with our friendly and efficient consultants.”

With all the talk of HMRC’s inefficiency and their many recent big bungles, independent contractors and fully fledged companies alike will benefit greatly by having an established Umbrella payroll company in their corner.

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