Euro Money Transfer Fees Slashed

As of  the 7th of June 2011, 1st Contact Forex has reduced their Euro transfer fees from £15 to just £5 per transfer.

The move is part of 1st Contact’s ongoing quest to bring savings to all their clients, across all divisions and business units.

“Transfers to Europe have been on the increase and we wanted to find a way to save our Forex clients money”, says Gemma Cloete of 1st Contact Forex.  “So we have been looking at various ways to streamline our Euro transfer process, cut down on our costs and thereby cut down on our fees.  We have been working very hard to cut our transfer costs – before, each euro transfer was processed individually whereas now we are able to batch the payments together, which allows for a huge saving on our side. And as always, when we save, we like to pass that saving on to our clients.”

1st Contact processes over 100 000 transactions each year and has over 40 000 clients world wide. They can transfer to almost any European account, including to Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and the Netherlands. Transfers to Switzerland and Sweden are possible; however these are done in Swedish Krona and Swiss Franks, and are therefore still £15. But as 1st Contact is always finding new ways to bring savings to their clients, there might be changes to these fees in the future too.

Additional benefits include:

  • You are able to transfer securely online yourself
  • You can use your UK debit card and secure the exchange rate
  • The service is entirely transparent; the rate you see is the rate you get
  • 1st Contact offers excellent exchange rates
  • 1st Contact Forex is fully compliant by Regulating Bodies
  • If you use your debit card before 12:00 GMT (on working days), your money will be sent that same day.
  • Once 1st Contact has received the money, it will clear in the recipient’s account within 1 – 3 working days.
  • 1st Contact is able to send to almost any country that has a recipient account in US Dollars or Euros.

To enjoy a substantial saving on Euro transfer fees, visit or call +44 (0) 808 141 2335 to speak to a foreign exchange consultant.

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