Job hunting tips for the new year

Hoping for a change of scenery in the new year? Joining a new company or moving overseas can help you take your career to new places. We’ve put together a few job hunting tips to help you land your dream job – wherever that may be.

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Get online

Job seekers have been known to blog and tweet their way into new positions. In the new job market, tenacity and creativity often count as much as qualifications and experience.

Social media is also a great way to reach out to companies you admire. With Twitter, you can engage in industry-related conversations with brands you respect. It also lets you get a sense of company culture from the brand and its employees.

Use social media strategically

Be strategic in your use of social media to seek out job opportunities. Different recruiters and industries will likely favour one platform over another. For example, if you’re looking for a job in finance, LinkedIn might serve you better than Facebook. If you are looking to join a media or creative-focussed company, then Twitter or Instagram could be a better use of your time.

A good cover letter is essential

A job-specific cover letter can help you stand out from other applicants. It shows that you have read the job description and understood the requirements of the position you are applying for.

A good cover letter also gives you:

  • An opportunity to highlight your writing and general communication skills
  • Space to further explain specific roles or skills that will follow in your CV

It can be tempting to write a full-page cover letter, but try and keep it to two or three paragraphs.

Quality over quantity

Instead of sending a generic CV to hundreds of people, rather focus on the specific jobs that interest you and spend time tailoring each application. It needs to be immediately obvious to a recruiter that you are the perfect match for the position.

Use your standard CV as a base document, to be modified and personalised for every position you apply for. Change the wording, emphasise relevant positions and experience, remove irrelevant points as needed – showing recruiters only what they need to see.

Be smart

Job hunting can be an exhausting, time-consuming process. If you find a way to make it easier, use it. Refine your requirements and sign up for job alerts via email. This way appropriate positions come straight to your inbox and you won’t have to trawl through thousands of irrelevant ads.

Are you on LinkedIn? (Because 90% of recruiters are)

Whether you are actively searching for a job, or are already employed, LinkedIn is an invaluable professional resource for networking, referrals and more. LinkedIn is often the first place recruiters visit when they are looking to expand their teams. If you don’t have a presence there, how will they find you?

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