Is this the year you become a freelancer?

National Freelancers’ Day 19 November 2014

National Freelancers’ Day is just around the corner and will be filled with events designed to assist and promote freelancing in the UK. If you’re a freelancer or considering moving from permanent employment to freelancing, join in on the day and make the most of the free advice and information available to you.

What is National Freelancers’ Day all about?

National Freelancers’ Day is held late November every year, and is an opportunity for the industry to celebrate and acknowledge the UK’s freelancing community, which is now almost 5 million-strong.

This year marks the sixth year the event will be taking place and freelancers are invited to join a range of events taking place in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. If you aren’t able to travel to an event, visit the official website, which will be hosting live streams and interactive discussions throughout the day. Check out the Facebook page and search or tweet on Twitter using the hashtag #NFD2014.

This year, the event is asking freelancers to support a cause: getting government to support and protect the self-employed, who now make up 15% of the UK’s workforce. Get involved and help get government to sit up and take notice!

Are you considering freelancing?

Freelancers (generally) earn more than full-time employees, manage their own time, choose their own holiday periods, set their own rates and tend to gain more varied experience than they would in just one job. Of course, being an independent worker does have a downside too – including hustling to find contracts, the additional admin required and the stress when you’re between contracts. But if you possess all the right qualities, this route might just be for you!

What makes a good freelancer?

  • Having a marketable skill that lends itself to freelancing – this could include IT skills, copywriting, designing, project management, construction and much more
  • Self-discipline and the ability to motivate and manage yourself
  • A good work ethic that will allow you to maintain a good reputation
  • The ability to network and build up good relationships and contacts
  • The ability to keep calm and carry on when you’re unsure of when your next contract will be
  • Flexibility and adaptability, as you may be exposed to very different environments
  • Excellent time-management skills

If this is the year you make the move to freelancing, make sure you do plenty of research, have some money in the bank to support yourself while you get started and plan the change carefully so the transition is smooth.

Freelancing is difficult enough without having to worry about tax and accounting. There are so many choices to make. Should you take the PAYE route? Use an umbrella company or set up your own limited company? Do you do your own accounting?

Let 1st Contact help you out. We offer a full range of tax and accounting services for freelancers and contractors. Feel free to contact 1st Contact Accounting. We can offer expert advice on the best route for you. 

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