UK Visa Fees Set to Increase from 6 April 2010

The UK is set to increase its Immigration Visa fees from 6 April 2010 and it seems the group hardest hit by the increases will be those with dependent relatives.  Settlement Visas for dependent relatives have jumped from £585 to a whopping £1680, while the application for indefinite leave to remain for a dependent relative already in Britain will rise to £1,930. An additional 10 percent will now also be charged for every child.

UK Visa FeesOther increases include the basic cost of an application to settle in the UK – increased from £585 to £644; the application for indefinite leave to remain – increased from £820 to £840, and the application for British citizenship – increased from £640 to £655.

An increase in fees is an annual occurrence that cannot be avoided. But you can ensure that you don’t incur any additional costs by having a registered immigration agent assist you with your Visa application. The UKBA are extremely strict and it’s imperative that you send  the correct forms, have them completed accurately and pay the correct fees, as even the simplest mistake can adversely affect your application and prove rather costly!” says Robyn Cory, Visa Manager at 1st Contact Visas.

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