Update coming for UK visas

Home Secretary Theresa May has announced plans to streamline the UK visa system in an effort to do away with unnecessary and financially unsound bureaucracy.


This is in response to a series of complaints from the business sector and art world.

“Fine-tuning the immigration system will help ensure we are demonstrating to the rest of the world that Britain remains open for business and that visitors are always welcome in the UK, whether they come for leisure or work,” she said.

The changes will make sweeping reforms in how business, visitor and performer visas are applied for.


Business travellers will be able to combine business and holiday trips to the UK without needing to apply for two separate visas, reducing red tape and possible delays. While applications will be simpler, it is worth noting that all of the original entry criteria still apply.


A new visa category will be introduced that will make it easier for performing artists to enter the country to take part in or host productions.


Visas will also soon be granted to couples that want to visit to the UK to get married. At this point we’re not sure on the specifics, but it will have no relation to the current Partner (spouse, fiancé, etc.) visa and will not grant successful applicants the right to remain.

While these changes are not as substantial as the many applicants would hope, we are paying close attention to any news and updates and hope to have more for you soon.

Stay tuned to 1st Contact Visas for via-related news and updates.

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