Why it pays to ‘go umbrella’

Since 1996, we’ve registered over 100,000 contractors with our umbrella payroll services. That makes us the old kid on the block – a competitive player in the UK umbrella industry, with a fully compliant, tax-efficient payroll structure that’s been around for 18 years. Here’s why it pays to go umbrella.

photo credit: Chris JL via photopin cc

photo credit: Chris JL via photopin cc

The benefits of ‘going umbrella’

  • We maximise your net pay
  • We offer professional indemnity, public liability, and employers’ liability insurance
  • You maintain your full statutory employment rights – this means maternity, paternity, sick leave and holiday pay are all covered
  • We make sure job-related expenses minimise your tax burden
  • We deduct all taxes at source and pass them directly on to HMRC
  • Our simple fee structure means that you pay only when you submit your timesheets
  • There’s no sign-up or resignation fee.

If that’s not enough, we make sure you hit the ground running by putting you in touch with the UK’s top recruitment agencies. Here’s what one of our agencies had to say about our service (and yes, we don’t mind blowing our own trumpets once in a while).

What a top recruitment agency had to say about us

“I would like to express how lovely it has been working with you and the staff at 1st Contact. They are all very friendly, especially Leverne, Carol and of course Mandy, who I deal with regularly. They are all very happy to assist with any enquiries and are always very efficient when dealing with candidates on a daily basis.

When we joined 1st Contact in October, the set up was very quick and simple. I did not have any trouble sending over the details of the candidates and they also made paying the candidates very easy too. On occasions, they have been flexible with payments and set ups, which have been a great help to us and also helps keep the candidates happy! I would like to also add that we have not yet received any complaints from the candidates with regards to 1st Contact, and we are very happy to continue working with them.”

– Operations Manager, London-based specialist recruitment firm

Get in touch with us

If you would like to speak to one of our umbrella team consultants, please call us on 0207 759 7530. Alternatively, email umbrella@1stcontact.com or come chat to us in person at Castlewood House, 77/91 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1DG.

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