UK’s new immigration and nationality charges: How much will you pay?

From 18 March 2016, the various costs associated with visas and immigration protocols for the UK will change. We take a look at what you can expect to pay for some of the more popular visa categories.

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While each individual cost and change is listed here, the trends in the fee changes are as follows:

  • Visas linked closely to economic growth, including student and working visas, will increase by 2%
  • Tourist and other short stay visas will increase by 2%
  • An increase of up to 25% will apply to settlement, residence and nationality fees

Increases for the second category of visas are largely negligible, presumably to maintain the UK’s status a top tourist destination and transit portal. A Visitor visa (for less than six months) increases by only £2, from £83 to £85, with Direct Airside Transit visas remaining the same, at £30.

Points-based visas, applied for outside of the UK, vary greatly, especially in the case of Tier 1 visas.

There’s good news for those hoping to apply for a Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa, as the cost has dropped substantially, from £437 to £281. If you’re wanting to apply for a Tier 1 (Investor) visa, however, you’ll now have to cough up £1,500.

Just over a year ago, we saw the financial investment requirement for the Tier 1 (Investor) Visa increase from £1 million to £2 million. As a result, there was a dramatic decrease in the number of applications. The increased visa fee for this category is especially interesting as the Home Office has given no official reason for the required investment amount.

There is no notable change in other points-based visas, with Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List visas (where a certificate of sponsorship has been issued for a period of three years or less) remaining the same, at £428. The Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) visa will also only increase slightly, to £225.

When looking at applications that must be made from within the UK, the most notable change is for indefinite leave to remain, which will increase from £1,093 to £1,500.

Make the most of the two weeks before the planned fee increases come into effect. If you need to apply for a visa, our experienced team is ready to assist you with your application. Visit our website or contact us to start your application.

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  • Wayne Burger

    It’s a rip off as usual, money making scam.

  • adrian gutowski

    Timely writing . I am thankful for the information , Does someone know
    where my assistant might get access to a fillable NY 6-1 example to
    complete ?

  • Annah Matjila

    Indefinite leave to remain increased from £1500 to £1875.

  • Florence Mallett

    I have been in the UK since September 2007, first on a Tier 4 (student) visa and then starting July 2015, on a Tier 2 visa, valid until August 2018. As of September 2017, I will be eligible to apply for LTR under the 10 year rule. I am now engaged to be married to a UK citizen. Will getting married have a negative effect on how early I can get LTR and, one year later, UK citizenship? Once I am married do I then have to apply under the married rule of 30 months plus 30 months from date of marriage? I satisfy the income requirements under the 10 year rule and my fiancé satisfies the income rule under the marriage route to LTR. Please advise.

    • 1st Contact

      Hi Florence,

      Should you meet the requirements for 10 year long residency, you may apply and then once you have gained indefinite leave to remain you will be able to naturalise thereafter.
      You will not need to hold the indefinite leave to remain status for a minimum of 12 months first.

      • Florence Mallett

        Am I correct in assuming then that I don’t have to switch from Tier 2 once I am married? I can just apply for my LTR a month before my 10 year anniversary, and once that is granted, apply for citizenship? No one year wait because I will be married to a Brit?

        That’s a lot of money to shell out in one month! LTR and the citizenship! And then UK Passport!

        • 1st Contact

          Hi Florence,

          You are able to apply directly for ILR without having to first acquire the UK Spousal visa.
          As you are married to a British citizen, you do not need to hold ILR for 12 months before being able to naturalise.

          • Florence Mallett

            Thanks very much.

  • Matt

    I am Australian and have Leave to Remain on my renewed Ancestry visa until may 2020. I am out of the UK this year, planning on returning at the end of the year.
    Did the proposals for Australians on visa’s other that youth mobility needing to earn £35,000 come in to effect this year? Will this affect me as i have been in the UK since 2010 with this year being my only absence.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • 1st Contact

      Hi Matt,
      The £35 000 is only for Tier 2 sponsorship visa holders

  • Ali qadri

    Hi there,
    I’m an Indian national who wants to explore his options. Unfortunately my mom left when i was 6, later my parents got divorced and she moved to the UK. I did not had any contact with her until she texted me on facebook. Its very awkward to reply after so many of not being in touch.
    I got a text from her last year, about her becoming a British national. We are so much drifted apart that i did not reply (i mean I barely do).
    I know its too much to ask. So, i just wanted to explore my options being 17, living with my dad in India and also the fact that i will turn 18 this October. am I entitled to British nationality aswell? If yes then, is there a need to rush before i turn 18?

    I hope you dont mind answering my questions.

  • Farhana Akhter

    Hi! I am due to apply for my ILR application in 1st Nov 2016 after 5 years with tier 2 visa. My wife is staying with me in Uk with tier 2 dependent visa since end of july 2016 and I gather she is not eligible for ILR at the same time but we have to apply to change her status as i am changing my status. Probably they will give extension for 3-5 years. I need to know which form to apply for her as i got confused with the hone officeforms. I also need to know whether i can get my ILR first then apply for her extention as dependent later!!

    • 1st Contact

      Hi Farhana, the applicable application for your spouse dependent would be to apply for FLR M once you have gained your ILR.

      • Farhana Akhter

        Thanks for ur reply. Um just confused somewhere in the internet i read when i change my visa status my dependent visa status should be changed at the same time.otherwise my dependents visa will be invalid.

        • 1st Contact

          Hi Farhana, you will need to extend your visa in this case.

  • Chrissy

    Hi.. I live in Hobart, Tasmania and am applying for an ancestory visa. I notice on the application website that applicants from Hobart and Adelaide need to do a paper version of the form rather than applying on line? Did I read this correctly?
    Also do I need to check my bank statements back the 90 days from the actual date I apply. I’m not sure how much money I had in the bank back then?
    Thanks for the help.