Their UK Visa Headaches Solved – A Sunshine Couple Relocates

When Jaco Voges and his wife Madeleine step off the plane at Heathrow Airport, it will be spring. And even if it’s raining, in a sense, the sun will be shining for this young couple because not only are they both newly qualified chartered accountants, but they are also in possession of something highly sought after by prospective migrants: a Tier 1 Visa which allows them to live and work in the UK for three years!

A Tier 1 Visa is the easiest of all the visas to obtain. Not, mind you, that it’s a cake walk. The requirements to enter Fortress England are so stringent it’s probably easier to just rob a bank. For one, as many a starry-eyed graduate student may have discovered to their dismay, a BA degree no longer guarantees eligibility for a visa; these days you need a Master’s degree to qualify! But there’s a glimmer of hope because rumour has it that because of an acute skills shortage in the UK, the authorities are considering lowering requirements once more to a BA degree.

But what is a Tier 1 Visa anyway? 1st Contact had this to say: “The Tier 1 visa is the visa of choice for highly skilled migrants. It means you don’t need a sponsoring employer in the UK. So you can live and work there for three years. It replaces the old highly skilled migrant programme.”

Well, if they revert to a BA, good; if not – there’s little doubt in my mind that 1st Contact is your go-to company. Because when I spoke to Jaco Voges, he told me Robert Walters had no hesitation in referring him to 1st Contact for his visa requirements. In fact, he went on to say, they refer all of their recruits to 1st Contact for this purpose.

“So who’s Robert Walters?” you may or may not ask. Robert Walters is merely the biggest recruitment agency in the world. Not bad. Is the sun shining for 1st Contact too? Somehow I think so.

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  • dipak

    i did with main subject of english literature.
    so i want to know weather i am qualified for tier 1 visa or not.
    currrently i aqm in uk on student visa
    so please reply me on my mail or you can call me on:+44-7574400552

    • 1st Contact Visas

      Hi Dipak,

      The current criteria for eligibility of a Tier 1 visa, include the minimum education of a Masters Degree. Unfortunately, a BA Degree does not qualify at this stage. There is speculation that the educational criteria may be lowered to a Bachelors Degree, however this also comes with a potentially different set of cumulative criteria. 1st Contact will be first off the mark to inform of any changes via our website and e-news!