New UK Tier 1 Highly Skilled Visa Criteria – Overseas Earnings Multipliers

6 April saw the implementation of all the Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) recommendations relating to the UK Tier 1 (General) highly skilled migrant category visa.

UK Tier 1 Visa

These changes bring about the welcome reintroduction of points for Bachelor degrees; raise the age limits for scoring points; and see an increase in the salary band levels across the range of point scores.

The Government have yet to finalise the updated overseas earnings multipliers. It was hoped that these new uplift ratios would be available by the 6th of April, but this is not the case and in the interim, they will remain unchanged.

Overseas earnings multipliers are used to ‘uplift’ earnings from outside the UK in an effort to reflect differences in income levels across the world. For example, earnings derived in South Africa are multiplied by 3.2; for earnings in India the multiplier is 5.3; and for earnings in Australia there is no uplift.

So for instance, someone earning R150 000 in South Africa, would multiply their earnings by 3.2 and reach a relative UK earnings amount of R480 000.

The full table can be found below:


Conversion Rate – 1.0
Andorra; Aruba; Australia; Austria; Belgium; Bermuda; Canada; Cayman Islands; Channel Islands; Denmark; Finland; France; French Polynesia; Germany; Gibraltar; Guam; Hong Kong (Province of China); Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Kuwait; Liechtenstein; Luxembourg; Monaco; Netherlands; Norway; Qatar; San Marino; Singapore; Sweden; Switzerland; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vatican.

Conversion Rate – 2.3
American Samoa; Antigua and Barbuda; Argentina; Bahamas; Bahrain; Barbados; Botswana; Brunei Darussalam; Chile; Costa Rica; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Estonia; Faroe Islands; Greece; Greenland; Grenada; Hungary; Israel; Korea (South); Latvia; Lebanon; Libya; Macao, (Province of China); Malaysia; Malta; Mauritius; Mexico; Netherlands Antilles; New Caledonia; New Zealand; Northern Mariana Islands; Oman; Palau; Panama; Poland; Portugal; Puerto Rico; Saudi Arabia; Seychelles; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Spain; St Kitts and Nevis; St Lucia; Taiwan; Trinidad and Tobago; Uruguay; Venezuela; Virgin Islands.

Conversion Rate – 3.2
Albania; Algeria; Belarus; Belize; Bolivia; Bosnia & Herzegovina; Brazil; Bulgaria; Cape Verde; China (Peoples Republic of); Colombia; Dominica; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; Egypt; El Salvador; Fiji; Gabon; Guatemala; Honduras; Iran; Jamaica; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Lithuania; Macedonia; Maldives; Marshall Islands; Micronesia; Morocco; Namibia; Nauru; Paraguay; Peru; Philippines; Romania; Russian Federation; Samoa; South Africa; St Vincent & The Grenadines; Suriname; Swaziland; Syrian Arab Republic; Thailand; Tonga; Tunisia; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Vanuatu; West Bank and Gaza.

Conversion Rate – 5.3
Angola; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Bangladesh; Benin; Bhutan; Burma (Union of Myanmar); Cameroon; Comoros; Congo (Republic of); Cote d’Ivoire; Cuba; Djibouti; Equatorial Guinea; Gambia; Georgia; Guinea; Guyana; Haiti; India; Indonesia; Iraq; Kenya; Kiribati; Kosovo; Lesotho; Mauritania; Moldova; Mongolia; Montenegro; Nicaragua; Pakistan; Papua New Guinea; Senegal; Serbia; Solomon Islands; Sri Lanka; Sudan; Timor L’Este (East Timor); Ukraine; Uzbekistan; Vietnam; Yemen; Zambia; Zimbabwe.

Conversion Rate – 11.4
Afghanistan; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Cambodia; Central African Republic; Congo, (Democratic Republic of); Chad; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Ghana; Guinea-Bissau; Korea (North); Kygyz Republic; The Lao People’s Democratic Republic; Liberia; Madagascar; Malawi; Mali; Mayotte; Mozambique; Nepal; Niger; Nigeria; Rwanda; Sao Tome and Principe; Sierra Leone; Somalia; Tajikistan; Tanzania; Togo; Uganda.

When calculating overseas earnings, the UK Government will convert such earnings into GBP (based on the closing spot rate on, then apply the relevant uplift multiplier as per the above table to reach the UK equivalency. Points are then awarded accordingly as per the new thresholds.

Here are two examples of how the UK Government calculates overseas earnings:

The uplift multiplier applied to overseas earnings in SA is 3.2:1

ZAR140,000 = GBP12,500 (approx based on exchange rate)

GBP12,500 x 3.2 (SA earnings uplift multiplier) = GBP40,000

GBP40,000 = 25 points under the new criteria.

For this example, anyone in South Africa whom is under 30 years of age and has as a minimum a Bachelor degree, will require earnings of at least ZAR140,000 to qualify.

For overseas earnings in India, the uplift ratio is 5.3:1

INR515,000 = GBP7,600 (approx based on exchange rate)

GBP7,600 x 5.3 (India earnings uplift multiplier) = GBP40,280

GBP40,280 = 25 points under the new criteria

We are pleased to announce that the new Tier 1 visa criteria, including the interim multipliers, are now live on the 1st Contact Visas online assessment tool. To take a free assessment of your eligibility under the new criteria, please follow the link below.

The the Free UK Tier 1 Visa Assessment

If you are eligible now based on the current criteria and earnings uplift, we urge you to apply as soon as possible, as there is no indication as to when or what the changes to these multipliers will be in the future.

Once the UK Government have settled on the updated overseas earnings uplift multipliers, we will advise accordingly.

  • Ashish

    I would like to know if the uplift would be applicable on the salaries drawn in India, whereas I was travelling/staying in the UK.


  • Sonali

    Hi Ashish,

    I am inquiring the same info , will update if I get anything,
    Please update if you get confirmed information regarding this.

    • 1st Contact Visas

      Hi Ashish and Sonali,

      Thank you for your comments.

      If you are residing in the UK but being paid your salary in India (in Rs), then the uplift ratios are not applied to those particular earnings.

      The ratios are only available if you are living and working in that particular country to which they apply.

      I trust this has answered your queries.

  • Ashish

    Thanks for the reply. But I am afraid your reply hasn’t answered my querries.
    Here I rephrase my question again –
    For a period of 3-4 months, I didnt have WP to work in the UK and I was relocated back to my India office. Meanwhile, I visited to UK for almost 2 months for a Business reason at a new client on Business Visa. During this period, I was drawing my full salary in India. I was also paid DA while I was in the UK to compensate my daily expenses. Further, I came back to UK on my new WP for the new client.
    My question here is – will my earning during this period of 4 months get an uplift apply to it as I wasn’t working here during this period.


    • 1st Contact Visas

      Hi Ashish,

      If you were considered as a resident of India and held no valid UK visa at the time those earnings were derived, then I do believe you can apply the uplift ratio to those specific earnings.

      I trust this has assisted.

      • Ashish

        As I mentioned earlier also, during that period I was in the UK on Business Visa


  • Saroja


    I have applied for Tier 1 from India with my previous earnings in India and UK for a duration of same 12months. I was paid UK allowance while I was in UK and my salary in India.

    Does the uplift ratio apply for my indian salary?

    When i checked on Points based calcuator, i could see that uplift ratio has been added on my indian salary.

    Is this a fault with PBS?


  • Devesh


    I am curious about new uplift ratio, what would it be lesser or more since the salary bands have been increased from previous rules and these bands are too high if the ratio is becomming more.


  • Gourav

    Hi Saroja,

    I have almost similar cae. I have my earnings both in INR & GBP for last year while staying in UK. I am planning to apply for Tier 1. Could you please let me know if you have faced any problem while filing the visa? Have you got it?


  • Sumeet

    Hi Saroja,
    I have the same case. The eco has refused the visa stating the uplift ratio will not be applied for the salaries drawn in india during my stay in UK. Planning to request an admin review. Guys, please help. Not sure if they would reconsider. I have lost hopes now

  • craig

    Hi there I am a south african that lives in London. I have an Ancestral visa. I am planning on visiting Morroco. can you assist with getting me a visa?
    If so how much and how long does it take and what do I need to obtain one?

  • Mohamad

    Sumeet, Saroja, Ashish and 1st contact Visa,

    While living in the UK, it seems that you presented a combination of salaries from the UK and from India.
    a- Is that possible to do even if you have the whole 12 months in the UK – regardless of the uplift?
    If this is possible, could you please tell:
    b- What the percentage of the UK and India salaries you presented (for example 70% from UK and 30 from India)
    c- Does not the salary from abroad have to be subject to tax in the UK if you have been living here for the 12 months you are presenting the salary for?

    please I need urgent answer on this.
    I just paid 60pounds for 30 minute consultancy with an immigration adviser and he said that I can use this combination (if i am living here for the whole year I am applying for) and the salary from abraod should not be UK taxed. However, most applicants and friends I have, they say that salary from abroad should be taxed in the UK if you are applying from the UK for the previous 12 month u have been living in the UK.
    Please clarify. this is very important as it is not clear in the guidance.

  • mathish


    i am working in Uk and have a regular salary which is less than £25000 for the past 12 months, i have been working as a design freelancer/consusltant (self employed) in India but residing in UK. Will my consultation fees which is in INR be accounted for the PBS, please bear in mind i am self employed in India not in UK.


  • sameer

    Guys, Today I sopke to UKBA Help line two times and they said that i can apply uplift ratio to my indian earnings even my work is in UK. Any one got any latest information on this issue???????

  • Gourav


    One of my friend had applied for Tier 1 in Oct but his visa got rejected. He is residing in UK for last 15 months and has UK income of 30000 GBP and India income of 2500 GBP (with uplift ratio his India income is 13000 GBP).
    It had been mentioned in the rejection note that he has earned some money in India while he was working in UK. Hence he can’t use uplift ratio.

  • Ann


    I was working in the UK untill Mid April and I came back to India in June. And took up a job as I was looking for work ever since April when I was in UK. I got an offer and I started to work here in Delhi and my annual pay was 12 lac/Annum INDIAN RUPEES.

    But now as I am aware that the rules for Tier 1 have changed and its closing down in April, I am thinking of Applying for Tier 1 but I am uncertain to apply it from India I have a valid PSW visa for UK and wanted to check if I will be able to claim my Indian Income from June to Nov which is approx. 5,50,000 Rs which is equivalent to about 38,000 pounds. Will I be able to apply for the visa in the UK if I plan to fly there and apply the same and claim my Indian income as I am here in India since June. And will even be able to claim my experience points too? I have done my MBA from UK, I am a july 2009 pass out..


  • Ann

    Hello Chetan,

    My name is Anu and I have a query in regards to my visa application.

    I was working in the UK untill Mid June and I came back to India on 29th Sept.

    I resigned from my UK job in June.

    I started looking for work but then I got good opportunity in India so I took up a job in India.

    I got an offer and I started to work here in India and my annual pay is 12 lac/PA INDIAN RUPEES.

    But now as I am aware that the rules for Tier 1 have changed and its closing down in April 2011, I am thinking of Applying for Tier 1 but I am uncertain to apply it from India as they allow not many applications.

    I have a valid PSW visa for UK which expires mid-next year and wanted to check if I will be able to claim my Indian Income from Oct 2010 to Feb 2011 which will be approx. 5,50,000 Rs which is equivalent to about 38,000 pounds.

    The query I have is, is it possible for me to go to UK in Feb 2011 (I have a PSW Visa) and apply for my Tier 1 from UK instead of applying it from India?

    Will I be able to claim my Indian income which by the month of Feb 2011 would be Rs. 5,50,000/- Approx. (Oct 2010-Feb2011=Rs. 5,50,000)

    As I mentioned earlier I was working in the UK until mid-June 2010.

    So will I be able to claim the income earned in UK from Jan2010 untill June 2010 which should be approx. 9,000 Pounds?

    And Indian income from Oct 2010 to Feb2011 which will be approx Rs. 5,50,000/-

    So is it possible to sum up INDIAN + UK Income in regards for my application of Tier 1?

    Or I should just claim the earnings of Income generated from India? (I am present in India for the period I am claiming for Oct2010-Feb2011)

    Say, if I show my income from 1 – Jan2010 to 16 June 2010 from UK which will be about 9,000 Pounds + Income from India from Oct 2010 to Feb 2011 which will be about 5,50,000 Rupees.

    I was living in the UK for the period I am claiming the income.

    And I am in India since Oct 2010 and am planning to be here until Feb 2011.

    The only reason I want to go to UK is if its better to apply for Tier 1 from UK!

    Would I be able to claim the same?

    And I am thinking of going to UK in Feb 2011 and apply for my Tier 1 from UK.

    As I have PSW Visa which expires in June 2011.

    Is it even possible for me to claim my experience points from UK Experience. I have worked in the UK for more than a year.

    And I hold a UK Master’s Degree as well.

    I even have maintenance in my UK account for more than 800 Pounds since more than a year now.

    If there is anything else apart from this that you can suggest would be highly appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

  • Jawed

    Hi there,

    I had been in UK for two years and came back to India in May 2010. I have been working in India last 8 months and my annual income in INR is 500000 lacs. I started earning as freelancer as well and I have earnred 3 lacs INR in 4 months as freelancer. My freelance earning is not from one source, It is from different source (like earned from more than one company). Can anyone advise me, only bank statement is enough to prove freelance income or I need to prove more documents in order to prove the same. Please help me.

    Thanks in advance!
    Jawed Khan

  • Nilesh


    Can any one know how long we have to be in inida to qualify for Uplift ratio? as i want to apply for Tier1 by using 8 month uk salary and and last 4 month indian salray…?

    Your help will be much appriciated


  • Kumari

    I am in the UK earning UK salary as an employed person for the past 2 years. I have also selfemployed business income in India. I would like to know if I could (or if the UKBA would) apply the UPLIFT ratio for the income I have been earning in India as a selfemployed person. A quick response if very much appreciated and many many thanks in advance for your kind help. Thank you.

    • Faheem


      Your physical work location is in UK. Hence you cant apply Uplift ratio to your Indian income.

  • kassem

    This is the way that most overseas people are trying to use to fill the gap in their salary requirements included myself. I have heard of many people being rejected because of this and the home office does not accept any earnings from abroad if you are have been living here and working full time. This is not clear from the guidance but most people are being rejected. I believe the money you earned in india while living here should be subject to UK tax…I am in the same situation but gave up with this route after having investigated it..
    So, check this point very well before going ahead..
    Good luck

    • seabass

      Hi Kassem,

      You said most people are being rejected. Is it because they used uplift which is not supposed to use or they are just purely rejected not because of any insufficient documents reason.

      I am really keen to know what it is going on, please.
      I hope to hear from you soon.

      Many thanks.

  • anil raut


    I am Anil Raut from Pune India, i am looking to file Tier 1 General Visa.Could you please let me know on my email id when UKBA will start accepting the Tier 1 General Overseas visa application for 2011.Please help me on this.


  • abhipune

    Hi. I have a question on tier 1 visa extension. In order to renew the visa i need to show a min. salary of 50k in uk which at the moment is only 30.5k. from what i understand… i can also show some part time salary in india and then apply… I am confused on the multiplier of 5.3?? Can that be applied on the indian money or no? If no then the 20k GBP* the current GBP rate 70=14lacs has to be shown in the indian savings account along with the 30.5k in order to get an extension??
    Kindly help…

  • Idris

    Dear Friends,
    I have UK Tier1 General Visa, and I got this in April 2009. I went to UK in Jan 2010 and come back March 2010, as there was no Job. Currently I am working in Saudi drawn salary about 34K UK Pounds equal Salary.
    My Visa is going to expire on 1st april 2012, So is it possible that I go in Jan 2012 and based on this Over Seas income, Can extend my Tier1 Visa.