UK Skilled Migrant Workers Still Come Out Tops

A recently released report by the Office for National Statistics has revealed that the number of foreign workers, seeking employment in the UK, has dropped by 6%. Although this downward trend can mainly be attributed to a waning economy and lack of employment opportunities in the UK, the CIPD has firmly reported that most UK employers tend to choose highly skilled migrant workers over UK born professionals. Further to this, it has been reported by the CIPD that 8% of UK employers will recruit foreign job applicants this quarter.

According to an article published in HR Magazine, Gerwyn Davies, public policy adviser at the CIPD, said: “With almost one in 10 employers planning to recruit migrant workers during the current quarter, the relationship between employers and migrant workers looks set to continue in spite of the  recession”.

1st Contact Visas affirm that although the UK and the world at large are facing unprecedented economic challenges on all fronts – there are still ample opportunities for foreign highly skilled migrant professionals to pursue career and work opportunities in the UK.

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