UK passport renewal service moves online

If you’re hoping to renew your British passport from the UAE, you’ll now be able to complete your application form and make your payment online.

UK passport renewal service now online

British expats living in the UAE are now able to renew their passports online, courtesy of a new system developed by the Identity and Passport Service.

Before the Identity and Passport Service’s January 29th announcement, UK expats living in the UAE had to manually fill in forms and post them to the passport office in Liverpool. But with the new, streamlined online system, you’ll simply need to fill out an online form, make your payment online, and send the supporting documentation via courier. You’ll also be able to chart the progress of your application via the UK government’s online system.

The application will still take around four weeks from the time Her Majesty’s Passport Office receives your declaration form. If the Passport Office requests more information or documentation from you, the process might take longer.

The cost of an adult standard 32-page passport is £147.86, including the courier fee of £19.86 (which includes the cost of sending your passport and documentation back to you). An adult jumbo 48-page passport will cost a total of £174.36.

To apply for renewal online, you will need:

  • Your current passport
  • Two identical, recent passport photos
  • A MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit or UK Maestro Card
  • Any other current passports in your name issued by other countries.

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