UK Citizenship Test

Since UK immigration policy dictates migrants must complete and pass ‘The Life in the UK Test’ in order to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain or British Citizenship – 1st Contact have innovated the way to make this application process an easy and successful one for potential applicants. This can be achieved through engaging 1st Contact’s sample simulated tests free of charge!

The Life in the UK test is aimed to assess the applicants’ knowledge levels of life in the UK , as well as covering the English language proficiency requirements. The test is broken down into 24 multiple choice questions, which are randomly selected through a computerised system. Applicants have 45 minutes in total to complete the test where the criterion for passing is set at 75%, i.e. a minimum of 18 out of 24 questions need to be answered correctly. The tests are conduced in over 90 Life in the UK test centers around the country.

It costs £34 to complete the official test, where 1st Contact has paved the way for individuals to practice the test for free through 1st Contact’s sample simulated tests. Although the questions in the sample test are not identical to the questions in the official test, they are designed to give individuals an excellent idea of what can be expected in the real test.

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  • Estelle Crane

    I was told that if my father was born in the uk ( I was born in SA 1946) that I should be able to apply for the passport. Unfortunately I cannot produce parents marriage cert, looking at the UK border agency website it is a bit conflicting as it states that no matter of legitimacy to either mother or father I could apply. Do you know any more than that?
    Thanks for a good news letter.