TPA launch campaign against fuel tax

The Taxpayers’ Alliance has joined forces with the Petrol Retailers’ Association to put pressure on the government to cut or freeze fuel duty until 2015.

Jonathan Isaby, political director of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, accused the government of “fleecing” motorists and is calling for consumers to write to their local MP and voice their dissatisfaction about the high level of fuel tax.

As part of the campaign, 5000 Fuel Tax Stands will be placed at the pumps of independent petrol stations across the UK, explaining how much of your money goes straight to the Treasury.

The card illustrates that for every £30 spent on fuel, £18 is paid in fuel duty and VAT, and only £1 of the remaining £12 goes to the fuel retailer.

The Taxpayer’s Alliance has also created a website – – which allows visitors to write directly to their local MPs about the excessive level of fuel tax.