Top Ten London Tweeters

This month, we’re looking at the best people to follow on Twitter, if you’ve just landed in London.

Here’s our list of top London Tweeters (in no particular order). Follow these great Tweeps and get a sense of what’s happening around the city. Also, come pay us a visit on Twitter @1stContact.

Your guide to everything in London.

We know EVERYTHING that’s on in London.


Keep up to date with everything that’s worth knowing about the famous London West End!

Peter Watts with Time Out London’s blog about London

One thing a day to do in London. Specialising in London’s Museums, Bars, Walks, Galleries, Tours, Cafes, Parks, Events and News.

A Guestbook for anything that happens in London. Want anything posted about London send us a Direct Message and it will get posted on our page via you.

Fashion news, style advice and more. All from LDN – the capital of style.

Bite-sized updates from the Time Out London food and drink team

London based Blogger and Photographer

Need some tips on what to do in London just ask.

And, how about this extra treat from 😀