Tier 1 Visa Changes for Highly Skilled Workers

Highly skilled professionals planning to work in the UK for the first time have been advised by 1st Contact to prepare for changes in the points system. Following the UK Border Agency’s revised policy on Tier 1 (Generaland Tier 1 (Post Study Work) applications, all new applicants who submit their documentation on or after 31 March 2009 will be subject to the new measures. Those already residing in UK who plan to switch to Tier 1 from another category are also subject to the new changes.

Notable amendments to the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) category now mean applicants holding Postgraduate Diplomas or Post Graduate Certificates will no longer be awarded additional points. The only exception applies to applicants holding a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, who will be exempt from the new guidelines. Bachelor degrees remain ineligible for points, however a masters degree coupled with minimum of £ 20 000 worth of gross earnings are two of the major criteria.

Professionals applying for extensions to their Tier 1 status will not be affected by the new changes, whilst the earnings multiplier for oversees earnings will still apply to initial applications.

1st Contact confirms that in order to determine the number of points you qualify for, it will be necessary to confirm your level of qualification as well as level of earning prior to the anticipated start of work in the UK and age.

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Claim Your Tax Refund

6 April 2009 is the end of the tax year, so now is the time to claim your tax refund. If you are an overseas visitor or a UK tax payer, you are probably due a refund.
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