South African expats: Here’s our guide to feeling at home

Whether you’re looking to make friends in Oz, seeking the best biltong in London or wanting to cheer on the Springboks with a Castle at hand, here are the best places, publications and networks around the world that bring Saffas together.

South African expats: Here's our guide to feeling at home

  • Get news from home
    The South African has a great online presence and a physical paper that you can pick up every Monday at a variety of venues in London. Consider it a free community newspaper for Saffas living and working in the UK.
  • Chow down on biltong, Niknaks and Mrs Ball’s
    Here’s a comprehensive list of South African shops in the UK, USA, Australia and more. Most are owned and run by South African expats and carry all the things you miss seeing in your fridge and pantry.
  • Network your business in the USA
    The South African Association of Business Communities (SAABC) is a networking forum for business professionals with strong South African affiliations.
  • Listen to the sounds of home
    Missing the accents, music and chit-chat? Tune in to South Africa’s most popular radio stations online, including 5FM, Metro FM, KFM, Heart and Kaya.
  • Support the Springboks in the UK
    Join the Springbok Supporter’s Club and wear your green jersey with pride.
  • Drink with the locals in London
    The Orange Bull is a sports bar in South East London with a great atmosphere and a South African vibe, hearty South African food, drinks and entertainment.
  • Make friends in Toronto
    The South Africans in Toronto Facebook page is small but active and well worth joining if you’d like to meet up with other Saffas in Toronto and surrounds.
  • Have a boerie roll in Brooklyn
    Yes, it’s true – Madiba is a genuine South African restaurant at the heart of Brooklyn, Massachusetts, USA.

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