Welcome to Solihull, the best place to live in Britain

A recent quality of life index named the leafy West Midlands town of Solihull the best place to live in Britain. Its claim to fame? The highest quality of life in the UK.

The report, conducted by Upswitch.com, assessed 138 local areas across the UK, examining 24 aspects of life that included salaries, disposable income, cost of essential goods, average working hours, life expectancy, car insurance premiums, exam results, hours of sunshine, crime rates, and even broadband Internet speed. Suffice to say, the bustling West Midlands town of Sollihul came out tops.

East and North Ayrshire in Scotland were listed as the worst areas to live in, with dismal weather, low exam results and low-than-average life expectancy proving to be contributing factors. The richest region is West London, where levels of disposable income are three times higher than Nottingham, the poorest region. Oddly, West London was also named as the region with the highest crime rates.

Leicestershire has the ignominious honour of the highest council tax, while Nottinghamshire is burdened with the highest energy prices, and Northamptonshire the sharpest petrol prices.


Solihull is home to Land Rover’s main production plant, and is largely regarded as one of the most prosperous towns in the Midlands. Here are a few facts about the UK’s new darling:

  • The town of Solihull has a population of 94 753 and is the biggest town in the larger metropolitan borough of Solihull, which has a population of 200 400
  • Residents of Solihull are referred to as Silhillians
  • The motto of Solihull is Urbs in Rure, meaning “Town in Country”
  • Almost 70 % of the borough is designated as green belt, with a large number of parks and local nature reserves
  • Solihull enjoys superior communication links – the M40, M42 and M6 are all easily accessible
  • The National Exhibition Centre (NEC) falls within the borough
  • Solihull offers residents a number of great leisure facilities, including a public swimming pool on the edge of Tudor Grange Park, which also boasts an outdoor wooden skateboarding and in-line skating facility
  • The ice rink on Hobs Moat Road was recently refurbished and is home to Solihull’s ice hockey teams, the Mohawks ice racing club, as well as ice dance and figure skating clubs

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1st Contact looks at a recent quality of life index that ranked Solihull as the best city to live in the UK

Image cc: Land Rover