IT Skills in High Demand

IT contractors should have no trouble finding work, as there are many skills currently listed as being in short supply in the IT sector.

Contractors with Citrix, Datastage, Firewall, .Net, Oracle, DB2, Business Analysis and Security skills are in high demand and recruiters are struggling to find candidates with these skills to fill positions in both the permanent and contracting market.

Tips for finding IT work

If you’re a contractor in the IT sector with some of the skills mentioned as being in high demand, here are a few tips for securing those jobs!

Have the most impressive CV

Make sure your CV is the best possible presentation of your skills and adapt it each time you send it out, to be most appealing to the actual job offer (without embellishing of course).

Be quick off the mark

Check out job boards daily and immediately respond to those you’re interested in. Often the contract has to be awarded fairly quickly, so make sure you are one of the very first respondents!


Get in touch with any companies you’ve worked with in the past. Remind them of your skills and rates, what you did for them in the past, and how your skill set has grown since then. Make sure you are the first person they think of when they need an IT contractor! By attending conferences, seminars and talks, you are also “getting out there” and will have many opportunities to promote yourself and what you do.

Give free information

If you aren’t doing so already, start writing articles or blogs about different aspects of your job. Give people great information and advice that actually HELPS them, and they will remember you next time they need an IT professional for contract work.

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