How Do I Transfer Money Online?

Forums and chat sites frequented by Expats are constantly littered with questions like: “How do I send money home?” Absurdly, most of the advice received sends the questioner to the bank – probably the most expensive and inconvenient way to transfer money overseas!

“People wrongly assume that the bank is the best way to transfer money, when in reality it takes longer, it’s more expensive and you have to go into the bank to perform the transaction” says Ernst Janse van Rensburg, Forex Manager at 1st Contact.

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1st Contact Forex offers a secure, cost effective and immediate money transfer service to most destinations around the world including South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Europe and the USA.

With more than 40 000 registered clients and over 100 000 transactions around the world annually, 1st Contact Forex is well positioned to offer an excellent service designed to save clients money and make the process as simple as possible. Online transactions clear within 3 working days and specialist consultants are available round-the-clock via phone or email. With a total transparency policy and no hidden fees, the rate you see is the rate you get!

“In my opinion the best way to send money home is online, with your own debit card. A company like 1st Contact Forex is in a position to offer clients a much better exchange rate, because (as apposed to the banks) it’s the core of our business.” Ernst Janse van Rensburg, Forex Manager at 1st Contact Forex.

To send money home safely, conveniently and at the best exchange rates, go to or call 0800 856 2470 (within the UK) and speak to a foreign exchange specialist consultant.

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