Sable Group Launches Passport to Portugal

Sable Group has recently launched a brand new service for clients wishing to secure themselves a property in Portugal and ultimately, a European Passport.

The “Passport to Portugal” service involves the purchase of a property in Portugal which, if structured correctly, can lead to a residency permit and (after a period of 5 years) Portuguese Nationality for a client, their spouse and any children under the age of 18.

“The two most attractive aspects of this opportunity are a) that we have secured the backing of a European Bank to provide a mortgage of up to 60% of the purchase price and b) there is no requirement to live permanently in Portugal,” says Reg Bramford, Sable Group CEO. “It also doesn’t hurt that Portugal is an incredible country, with a very high quality of life and a favourable tax environment for foreign investors.”

To find out more about the Passport to Portugal service, please visit the website at, send an email to or call +27 21 657 2180 (SA) or +44 20 7759 7527 (UK).