Register now for Irish citizenship

1st Contact is now conducting foreign birth registrations for Irish citizenship. If one of your grandparents was born in Ireland, you may be eligible for Irish citizenship and an Irish passport.

Over the past six months, 1st Contact has been performing foreign birth registrations for those with Irish descent. The system was established by the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act sixty years ago, and grants Irish citizenship to individuals born abroad to a parent who, although not born in Ireland, was an Irish citizen at the time of their birth.

As Irish citizenship is automatically passed down to direct descendants, a person who has an Irish-born grandparent may qualify to register as an Irish citizen.

You would need to demonstrate that your grandparent was born in Ireland and provide documentary evidence to prove this. We can help you do this.

Visit 1st Contact Visas & Immigration consultant to  take an online assessment, or call 0808 141 1664 (in the UK), 0800 003 163 (in South Africa) or 1800 039 300 (in Australia) to find out how we can help you apply for Irish citizenship.

1st Contact operates on a “No Visa, No Fee” basis, so if you don’t get your visa, it won’t cost you a cent.