Qualifications Unlock Immigration Opportunities

The UK may well be advised to relax its Tier 1 educational requirement from a Masters qualification to a Bachelors degree, following recommendations from the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC). The suggestion is good news for applicants currently falling behind in points for the Tier 1 visa.However, according to expert immigration group 1st Contact, current applicants should be aware that already some professional memberships are considered equivalent to a Masters degree. For example Chartered members of Engineers Australia (EA) are considered equivalent to a UK Masters, putting them in a position similar to that of Chartered Accountants

some professional memberships are considered equivalent to a Masters degree

The United Kingdom Borders Agency (UKBA) has an online points assessment on their website that holds a lengthy but not exhaustive database of qualifications and professional memberships from around the world. Depending on the UKBA’s perceived value of these qualifications or professional memberships a point’s assessment will be allocated.

Following on the heels of a special report researching the situation at present, 1st Contact has found that some professional memberships appear on the UKBA’s points assessment, while many others that attract points do not. Through their enquiries 1st Contact has learned that in some cases other professional memberships like Barristers, Chartered Engineers and Veterinarians are awarded the 35 points usually reserved for Masters Degree qualifications.

Anyone who is uncertain about their qualification or professional membership should complete the Tier 1 online assessment on the 1st Contact website or call their local 1st Contact Immigration tea.

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  • Peter Walsh

    Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) awarded by Engineers Australia is awarded 50 points (ie equivalent to PhD) under the UKBA Tier 1 points calculator. Chartered Engineer awarded by a UK Engineering Institution is only awarded 35 points (ie equivalent to Masters).

  • dham

    Any idea on when MAC recommendation will be implemented? April? May?

    • http://www.1stcontactvisas.com 1st Contact Visas

      Hi Dham,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The Government expects to report on the MAC’s recommendations in early 2010, but no date has been set as yet.

      Watch this space…

  • dham

    good news… mac recommendations will be implemented on 06 April 2010.


  • http://www.yahoo.com Nick Schouten

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  • http://gmail Ahsan Haider

    Dear i am from pakistan and having a 14 years bachelors degree of B.com IT, will it be ecceptable for UK HSMP..? or i have to get 16years bachelors degree..?