Philip Gamble British Nationality Seminars

Philip Gamble visits Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town in March to conduct another series of free British Nationality Seminars. The seminars are a popular starting point for South Africans hoping to either emigrate or work abroad. 

Upcoming UK Nationality Seminars in South Africa

If you’re a South African and believe you may be entitled to a British Passport, Philip Gamble’s seminars provide an opportunity to receive the most current information available from the world’s leading authority on British nationality.

If you have a family link to the UK or Ireland, or a parent or grandparent born in a country other than your own country of birth, consider booking a seat at one of the upcoming British Nationality Seminars.

Attendees will receive a wealth of knowledge on the subject, including anomalies surrounding former British territories and the most recent loopholes discovered during Philip Gamble’s past four months of research.

You’ll also be entitled to a free British passport review, which looks at your specific circumstances and family history to ascertain the likelihood of you getting your hands on a much-coveted British passport.

Seminars will be held at the following locations:

10 March 2014
Gateway Hotel
Twilight Drive
Umhlanga, 4319

Port Elizabeth
13-14 March
Garden Court Kings Beach
La Roche Drive
PE, 6013

East London
12-13 March
Garden Court East London
John Bailie Road
East London, 5200

Cape Town
17-19 March
Southern Sun Newlands
Main Road
Cape Town, 7700

Visit Philip Gamble to book your spot at a free Philip Gamble British Nationality Seminar.


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  • Yahya

    i born 1953 in Kenya my mom she have British passport but cancelled i have a birth certificate British Protected Person can I get some form of British Nationality?