Pay Less Tax during Tough Times

Since the world at large is facing unprecedented economic challenges on a macro scale, the personal financial positions of most individuals are being tried during these uncertain times. According to tax experts 1st Contact Accounting, individuals should maximise the tax benefits available to them to improve their cash flow.1st Contact Accounting explain that a Limited Company is an excellent structure to reduce the amount of tax paid and will also allow individuals to become more involved in the management of their tax and personal finances.

Following the credit crunch and resulting recession, 1st Contact Accounting encourages individuals to become more financially and tax literate. A Limited Company structure is designed to keep individuals involved in their financial affairs and with 1st Contact Accounting the admin requirements are minimised.

“A Limited Company is an excellent structure to reduce the amount of tax paid…”

1st Contact Accounting has developed an online platform aimed to manage the maintenance activities for Limited Companies with ease.

Individuals are able to choose between a service involving a face to face consultation with their accountant every quarter, or they can opt to deal with all of their affairs over the phone and email, depending on their preference.

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