Pay Like a Local, Wherever You Go

Every traveler knows the terrible feeling of having less money to work with than expected. Whether you’re caught off guard by the hidden costs of using credit cards or by fluctuating exchange rates, it can be a rather disconcerting experience.

But leading migration and financial services group 1st Contact has come up with a solution that will not only save you a lot of trouble but money too.

It’s called the “Travel Money Card” – a sleek, black, easy-to-use Prepaid Mastercard, which works like your regular debit card, only loaded with the Forex of the country you’re visiting.

Travel Money Card

Travel Money Card

Each card is designed to load one particular currency, Sterling, US Dollars or Euros for easy use in shops, theatres and restaurants.

The exchange rate is totally secure, remaining at the rate it was the day you loaded the money onto the card for the entire time you use it. 1st Contact’s Forex Manager Ernst Janse van Rensburg promises you will receive the best travel exchange rates available, guaranteed!

To ensure you get the most of your hard earned money, the “Travel Money Card” does not have any charge for purchasing transactions. There is also no commission levy when you either load or pay in countries outside of the United Kingdom and it only takes a nominal amount to withdraw from the ATM.

The chip and pin system makes this card one of the safest ways to carry money around on your travels, and if you inadvertently lose it, it only takes a quick text message to cancel the card.

Its easy-to-load system online and via text means that you don’t have the hassle of waiting in queues, making your traveling experience quicker and easier all round.

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