The best things in life come in two’s – find out how to get dual nationality?

More South African investors are looking to Portugal as a means to not only acquire dual citizenship for themselves and their families, but also the freedom to live, work and travel in Europe in the future.

This unique citizenship-by-investment solution offered by Passport to Portugal allows investors to obtain Portuguese residency and later EU citizenship for themselves and their family, through the purchase of an investment property in Portugal.

Portuguese residency affords holders the right to visa-free travel through Schengen Europe – especially attractive to executives who want to work or conduct business within the European Union.

Many investors see the country as the perfect place to retire – the Mediterranean climate, safety and security, natural beauty, friendly inhabitants and fantastic leisure opportunities are just some of the major draw cards.

Two Routes to Citizenship

Passport to Portugal assists with two basic routes to citizenship: the Golden Residence Permit for Investment (The Golden Visa) and the Business Development Route to Residency.

The Golden Residence Permit (ARI)

The Golden visa accord essentially fast-tracks and facilitates the investment and residency application process.

To qualify, an Investor will need to make an investment, either individually or through a company, in at least one of the following investment operations in Portugal for a minimum of 5 years:

1. Capital Investment with a minimum value of €1,000,000

2. Creation of a minimum of 10 job positions through the establishment of a company

3. Acquisition of real estate with a value of at least €500,000

The holders of the golden residence permit may also apply for family reunification, meaning that the family and dependents of the holder may apply for residency and later citizenship. This includes spouse, children, parents and younger siblings in the custody of the holder.

Permit holders will qualify for citizenship after successively renewing their residency permit for a total of 5 years, after which they may apply for Portuguese citizenship as well as a much-coveted EU Passport.

The Business Development Route to Residency

For as little as a €100,000 capital investment into Portugal, an investor can create an economic base and business activity in Portugal which allows for 5 years of temporary residency and later Citizenship.

The cornerstone of this route is the formation of a corporate structure in Portugal and whilst the capital investment is by far less than the Golden Visa, the regulations are somewhat more onerous in terms of presence in Portugal and maintaining economic activity.

Under the business development route to residency the investor may include their spouse and any legal dependents on their residency permit, which means that the spouse and dependents of the holder may apply for residency and later citizenship.

Permit holders then qualify for permanent residency after successfully renewing their residence permit for 5 years. After a further year, they qualify to apply for Portuguese Citizenship and an EU Passport.

Passport to Portugal

Passport to Portugal and associates have been at the forefront of implementing this new government legislation, which looks to generate foreign investment into Portugal.

With more than 25 years’ experience in corporate structures and fiscal planning in both Portugal and internationally, Passport to Portugal are perfectly positioned to assist applicants in fast-tracking their investment and residency applications.

They have also secured the backing of a European bank to provide a mortgage of up to 60 percent for property purchase, along with a favourable interest rate of 3.75%.

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