Olympics Tickets on Sale Soon

London is gearing up to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games from 27 July to 12 August 2012, with tickets going on sale from the 15th of March 2011.  Ticket sales close on the 30th of April 2011, which leaves only 4 months to guarantee your share of all the excitement and live Olympic action!

Register your interest on http://www.tickets.london2012.com/ before ticket sales open and you’ll be kept up-to-date with any developments and you’ll be invited to purchase your tickets as the sales office opens.

Watch out for bogus websites claiming to be genuine ticket sellers!

Kickstart your London Experience

If you’re planning to be in London for a substantial amount of time for the 2012 Olympic Games, consider a Kickstart Package from 1st Contact. The Kickstart package contains all the essentials you’ll need for navigating London, including assistance with accommodation, a SIM card, comprehensive city guide, and more. Visit www.1stcontactkickstart.com for more information.

Tourist Visa Information

If you will be visiting the UK from somewhere other than the US or the EU, you might need to apply for a Tourist Visa. Visit www.1stcontactvisas.com for more information on the costs, documents needed application deadlines if you want to come to the Olympic Games. It’s never too early to begin planning!

Olympic Travel Money

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Volunteer as a Games Maker

If you’re a Londoner, why not get involved by becoming an Olympic Games Maker or volunteer? Visit http://www.london2012.com/get-involved/volunteer/index.php to find out more about all the current and 2012 volunteering opportunities.

For information or advice on London, the best travel money solutions or UK Visas, please visit www.1stcontact.com