Olympics not Ticket to Stay in UK

Amid concerns over visiting Olympic athletes, coaches and officials staying in the country indefinitely once the Games are over, special restrictions have been included in the six-month Olympic Games visa that will be issued to almost 20 000 people from outside the EU.

UKBA has told the 204 national Olympic committees to let their athletes, coaches and officials know of this and other restrictions during their stay in Britain.

  • While in Britain for the Olympic Games, they may not get married or form any civil partnerships.
  • They will be required to provide evidence they will be in Britain for no longer than six months
  • They may not up take any form of employment beyond the Games.
  • They may not apply for a study visa while in the UK.
  • They will need to demonstrate they have the means to support themselves and pay for their return journey.
  • Athletes and officials will all have fingerprints and face-scans taken when they arrive.

Previous Incidents

In the 2002 Commonwealth Games held in Manchester, almost all 30 members of the Sierra Leone team simply “disappeared”, presumably having never left the country, while in 2011, two 16-year-old athletes from Cameroon absconded from Manchester airport after competing in the Commonwealth Youth Games.

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