NEW: Money transfers to Zambia

1st Contact Forex is constantly expanding their service to more and more countries. Their latest addition is Zambia!

Banks transfer money at a huge premium because consumers are not aware of an alternative. 1st Contact will be changing that, according to 1st Contact Forex’s Managing Director – Africa and Asia, Ernst Janse van Rensburg, “Our hope is to give the banks a fright. It is about time that their monopolistic hold on people be challenged. Zambia is one of our many steps towards that.”

Currently they provide Money Transfer services to 26 countries, but they won’t be stopping there! New countries will be added monthly as they endeavour to save money for more people who have no alternative to using their Banks. Sending money to Zambia will only cost £3.5 and the same exceptional exchange rates as always will apply. As you all know by now, this is an enormous saving that is now also available to those sending money to Zambia. If you have friends who might send money to Zambia it is worth sharing the good news with them.

These are their most popular transfer destinations: United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, All of Europe, United States, Canada, United Arabian Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, India, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and now Zambia!

If you want to send money to a country that is not on the list we want to help. So please let us know and we will solve it.