Never mind London, Manchester is perfect for UK contractors and freelancers

Many young professionals travel to the UK with the hope of starting a lucrative freelance career. These go-getters usually head straight for London, but as we’ve said before, the UK has more than one vibrant, international city. Let’s talk about contractors

Take the sting out of London property costs

First off, we all know that property in the Big Smoke is pricey. Just trying to rent a place in the capital can set you back hundreds of Pounds a week. Let’s not even talk about buying property.

In the last decade the price of real estate in the capital has increased by over 150%. While things have cooled off a bit since the Brexit referendum, property in London is still incredibly expensive to rent or to buy.

Manchester is roughly 50% cheaper than London. This makes getting your life started much easier. It also gives you a lot more breathing room if you don’t find work as quickly as planned.

A smaller, booming city is great for freelancers

In just two decades the Mancunian economy has doubled; and with an increase in population of more than 25%, the resurgence in the North is clear.

A booming economy is always a boon for freelancers and contractors. As more and more agencies and companies set up shop in the city, more permanent and freelance positions become available. This makes it easier to pick and choose which jobs you’d like to do.

Compared to London, Manchester’s job market is less competitive and rigid. It should be easier to find work you actually want to do without having to battle it to the death with several thousand other London-dwelling contractors.

Although the uncertainty around Brexit will temper some predictions of Manchester’s growth, it’s beginning to look like the panic after the referendum could have been overstated.
Long-term growth prospects still look good for Manchester. Kerry Houston of Oxford Economics said: “The Greater Manchester economy is expected to remain as a key driver of the North West. The forecasts suggest an additional 128,000 more people and 110,000 net new jobs within the city region by 2024.”

Manchester is ideal for media and digital freelancers

There has been 53% growth in the number of digital and creative roles in Manchester in the last few years. A lot of this is thanks to the BBC’s MediaCity in Salford. This media complex has transformed what had previously been an industrial dead zone into a modern hive of activity.

Manchester is also taking active steps to promote itself as a creative-friendly city, playing off its long history of artists and cultural leaders.

To top it all off: A high speed railway line

As part of the Northern powerhouse, the British government is planning to connect the Northern cities with the capital via high speed rail networks within the next ten years. Manchester a key location in this plan.

Existing transport infrastructure is also being upgraded, making it easier than ever to get from Manchester to other major cities.

There’s plenty of UK outside of London. Wherever you go, our Kickstart packages can help you start up a life in the UK. Check out our packages and give our consultants a call on +44 (0) 20 7759 7536 and we’ll get you sorted.

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