Johannesburg: UK visa applications stolen in hijacking

A number of South Africans have been affected after hijackers targeted a courier van transporting UK visa applications on Monday 27 July. The British High Commission has already notified those affected and will assist them in applying for documents.

Police lightsIn the letter received by applicants, it was confirmed that a “sealed bag containing the passports has not been recovered.” The applications included many sensitive documents such as marriage certificates and bank statements.

According to an Eyewitness News article, the British High Commission used an external courier company to transport the documents and it was hijacked on the way to the Visa Application Centre in Johannesburg. The company’s van was hijacked while the documents were in transit.

If you currently are in the process of applying for a visa and have not been contacted, it is unlikely that you have been affected.

If you have any queries regarding a current or potential visa application, get hold of 1st Contact Visas for assistance.

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