HMRC to close walk-in tax enquiry offices

The HMRC is planning to close all 281 of its walk-in tax enquiry offices in May 2014, replacing them with a telephone service and “mobile advisers”.

HMRC’s new service will focus on employing specialist phone advisers to resolve multiple issues in a single phone-call, instead of transferring people from adviser to adviser to deal with different issues.

The system will also introduce “mobile advisers” to people who need more in-depth assistance with their tax affairs. These advisers will be able to meet you virtually any time, anywhere, whether it’s a government building, your home, or even your business.

The new service will be launched in May 2014, after which the existing Enquiry Centre network will close.

According to Ruth Owen, HMRC’s Director General for Personal Tax:

“Our Enquiry Centres offer a great service to those who can reach them. But they are spread unevenly across the UK, the number of people using them continues to fall, and our research shows that the majority of customers who do use them don’t actually need to. The new service will enable us to tailor help in a way that works better and is more affordable.”

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  • Boris786

    Has Ruth actually tried to contact her organisation by phone?