Hamba Kakuhle Madiba – a tribute from 1st Contact

Here is how Madiba inspired us.

Although 1st Contact is a British-run company, we have many roots in South Africa. Today, following the news of Nelson Mandela’s passing, there aren’t many dry eyes in the house. Below are some tributes, memories and snapshots from some of our members of staff.

This great man should be deified as a saint. His powers of forgiveness, or reconciliation and forgiveness make him the greatest person to have graced our earth.

 – Reg Bamford


As an Englishman living in Cape Town in 1994, it was an incredible experience to witness the aura and power that an individual had over the lives of people in the country. One really appreciated what true leadership meant. What a star.

Ashley Deakin


I’m thankful to have grown up to watch South Africa transform under the guidance of Nelson Mandela. My son will grow up knowing a diversity of cultures and will be accepting of everyone as an individual instead of colour thanks to the forgiving nature of one man. RIP Mandela.

 – Leanne Shrosbree


Tata Madiba, you were an inspiration to all of us who are a part of Your Rainbow Nation. Your legacy will continue to live on! May God bless you

 – Dylan Goaté


For many of us who lost our grandparents at a young age, Nelson Mandela became our unofficial grandpa, the wise old sage that we thought, or hoped, would live forever.”

 – Keith van der Linde


An inspiration on how to live your life – a life not wasted, a life celebrated.

 – Gary Kockott


Tata Madiba, nothing will replace what you have given our South Africa. We, as a nation, must continue to keep your spirit alive by following your example. Rest in peace, and may you be in the hearts of us all forever.

 – Shannon Norman


My favourite memory of Madiba is from when he came to our school in George in the early 2000’s.

My gran was at the front of the audience as he came over to meet everyone. He instantly picked her out, walked over to her, shook her hand and spoke to her. Just for that one moment, she was young and the happiest she had ever been. His power and “magic” had transferred to her.

Such a small gesture made the biggest difference in my gran’s life. She vowed to keep fighting and living, because if Madiba could be her age and have so much energy and be so positive, then she could too.

 – Gareth Edwards


An inspiration to all, his legacy will live on in our hearts forever.

 – Ilze Crouse


Much like Buddha showed us how to live from the heart, so Madiba has shown the world how to lead from the heart. His equanimity and compassion in power was truly awesome to behold. He was and remains the zenith of what we call human.

 – Mike Abbott


RIP Madiba you will be missed.

– Cathy Rossouw

Madiba embodied the qualities of kindness and compassion. He wasn’t just a great man in himself, he made us all believe that we were capable of the same greatness. It is our responsibility to live up to his legacy. You have earned your rest Tata.

– Sean Ritchie


Lala ngoxolo tatu Madiba sohlala sikukhumbula

Imizamo emihle uyizamile olwakho uqhatso ulufezile

Inkululeko weza nayo kwizwe lokhokho bethu

Phumla tata wethu udiniwe zintlungu nembandezelo zalo mhlaba

Yemye , Sophitsho, Ngqolomsila ,Dibomde,

Phumla ngonaphakade tata Rholihlahla Nelson Mandela.


– Zoleka Gigi (from Engcobo)


You will be sorely missed. I have never had the privilege of meeting you but have admired your courage, honest humility and truly exemplary character. God bless you for all you did.

– Gifty Aning


Madiba, my true inspiration came from and will continue to come from your genuine ability to rise above the dirty politics and short term greed that so many South Africans have entered into in the name of Freedom. From your place of rest you will continue to inspire the people with the right attitude towards their fellow humans! That’s important.

– Andrew Rissik


An iconic person, who has left the ultimate example of what it means to be a principled leader.

– Kobus van den Bergh


Madiba has made me beyond proud to be a South African. Nobody could symbolise our purpose as humans any better: to be selfless and make personal sacrifice for the betterment of all around us.

– Irene Walker


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