Good news for Tier 2 visa applicants

In June the Tier 2 visa cap for 2015 was reached, causing an ongoing application backlog. While you still may be facing a wait if you’re trying to get a skilled visa, we have some good news if your profession appears on the skills shortage list: UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) will consider you a preferred candidate.


Engineering occupations

Engineers, and civil engineers in particular, remain in high demand across the UK. Electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineers and niche occupation engineers are also in short supply. So, if you have engineering experience, you should have an above average chance of a successful skilled visa application.

Healthcare occupations

Although the government recently announced plans to reduce the number of foreign nurses in national hospitals there is still a great need for healthcare professionals in the UK.

Medical practitioners in the fields of paediatrics, anaesthetics, emergency medicine, neurology and certain types of psychiatry are currently preferred. However, there are also openings for social workers (specialising in children and family services), paramedics, radiographers, orthotists, and prosthetists.

Arts and entertainment occupations

The arts and entertainment industry is fiercely competitive and traditionally difficult to break into but the UKVI has identified a shortage in a few specific occupations in the UK.

Film and television companies are looking for producers, directors, graphic designers, animators and software professionals who have expertise in television, film and/or video games.

Classically trained dancers, choreographers and musicians are also in demand, although you will have to meet specific standards for these applications.

Other occupations

Here are a few more popular professions that aren’t covered in the categories above:

  • Secondary education teaching professionals with expertise in the subjects of maths and science
  • Actuaries who have specialised in informatics and bio-informatics
  • Formally trained chefs


Remember to consult the UKVI’s shortage list thoroughly as there are always specific conditions attached to many of the listed occupations.

If you have a skill that is in short supply in the UK, email 1st Contact Visas or phone us on +44 (0) 80 8141 2248 to find out how we can help you get your visa.

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