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Umbrella Payroll and accounting advice focuses on optimal tax benefits for individual Contractors. As the impact of the global crunch continues to have its effect felt, an increasing number of individuals are taking charge of their careers by forging their own paths.

According to the Professional Contractors Group (PCG), an advisory agency to freelancers and consultants, a growing number are going it alone. “Some have been forced out on their own through redundancy, while others have found their jobs less exciting in the wake of the financial crisis,” announced the firm’s John Brazier, following the release of figures revealing that unemployment has soared to a 14-year high of 2.43million.

According to tax and payroll experts 1st Contact, new ventures, no matter how small, come with fresh risks. Therefore knowledge of tax and legal matters remains one of the key intellectual assets for those taking the entrepreneurship route. The challenge however for hundreds of thousands going it alone is simply the lack of time and expertise to meet the challenge.

“Therefore knowledge of tax and legal matters remains one of the key intellectual assets for those taking the entrepreneurship route.”

Given the current complexities, 1st Contact has emerged with an innovative advice strategy detailing how individual business owners and contractors can maximise take home pay; it comes down to simply understanding tax structures. The company has already documented how every year millions of pounds are lost simply because so many are unsure of how to best work within the system.

1st Contact Accounting, a core department of the international company has assembled a top group of experts to provide cost effective means for both business owners and contractors to ensure their accounting affairs are managed professionally.”1st Contact provides an accounting solution to contractors, small business owners and really to any individual who needs it,” explains Scott Brown, Accounting Director at 1st Contact. “This service allows contractors and small business owners to pay attention to what they do best, while ensuring they maximise profit by structuring tax expenses intelligently,” he added.
Brown adds that “the money saved on the payment of tax can even be recouped when one structures their tax and accounting elements professionally. This has also often been known to provide a variety of lifestyle options”.

“From paying off university loans to taking that oversees holiday, maximizing comfort during retirement and even placing a down payment on a new home – applying the right tax structure could make the difference.”

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