Drastic Fee Increases for UK Visa Applicants

Leading immigration company 1st Contact says it will keep costs low, despite the sharp rise.

Walking the path to British Citizenship or simply applying for a visa such as the Tier 1 Visa is set to become a costly exercise after the UK government signaled its intention to increase UK visa fees as of April this year.According to Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, this is to cover the state’s administrative costs for the service and support of “wider government objectives”. With additional biometric procedures in place, the UK currently incurs a cost of £1,982 for each application processed.

The basic cost of a visa for migrants applying to settle in the UK will increase to £644 from £585

For many thousands, obtaining a Tier 1 visa is a standard approach to working and even settling in the UK. The Tier 1 visa does not require a sponsor and is based on the applicant successfully achieving a points based threshold of 75, with the possibility of obtaining British citizenship.

The basic cost of a visa for migrants applying to settle in the UK will increase to £644 from £585. Migrants already in Britain applying for indefinite leave to remain will need to fork out £840, while those seeking British citizenship will be required to pay £655.

The rise in immigration fees nearly trebles the price of bringing in elderly parents (from £585 to £1,680), while at the same time introducing a new charge for each child.

Expert immigration group 1st Contact, are one of the UK’s most established migration services firms who currently manage a global operation, say they will continue to act as an intermediary between the UK authorities and individual applicants, despite the increased costs.

Meanwhile the UK government is offering a premium visa service at £15, 000 for those with the means to help avoid delays.

Whilst the UK government was heavily criticized in the UK media for catering only to the super-rich, 1st Contact’s visas manager Stephen Atkinson says “1st Contact will continue providing visa services at an extremely competitive market rate, regardless of the increased visas costs that will soon come into effect.”

“It is clear that now more than ever it is crucial that applicants enlist the help of a professional service provider to maximise the efficiency, peace-of-mind and success of each application, especially given the expenses migrants are set to incur when price increases take effect this April,” says Atkinson.

1st Contact also recommend that if individuals are eligible now for any given visa or immigration application, that they proceed with such before the Government fee increases are implemented in April.


  • Krishnarao .A

    Dear Sir,

    I need a small clarification tier1 general migrant visa to uk.
    My case is as follows :-
    I got my tier1 general migrant visa valid from 01-Feb-2009 to 01-Feb-2012.

    Till date i am in India only (except a brief visit during 2009 & a stay of one month in london).

    I am now moving to Uk by end of FEB’2011 and would like stay there upto Jan’2012 and would like to apply for tier1 visa extension. I am confident of getting a suitable job & required points for extension.
    “My query will i be able to get the visa extension or not ?”

    Kindly clarify the above urgently.

    Best Regards,