London’s coolest places to work solo

It’s easy to get caught up in your work-from-home world. If you’re a freelancer falling prey to cabin fever, strip off that onesie, comb your hair and get out there! There are plenty of coffee shops and collaborative spaces in London that will see you getting your work done in no time.

photo credit: osamukaneko via photopin cc

Find a coffee shop or ‘coffice’ that offers you the space to work in peace. The world is your office (and your oyster, at that). photo credit: osamukaneko via photopin cc

Coffee shops and coffices

There are hundreds of freelance-friendly cafes in London that double as informal offices. Ziferblat, in the trendy Shoreditch neighbourhood, was London’s first pay-per-minute coffee shop. Charging three pence a minute, Ziferblat invites customers to make themselves at home – you can treat yourself to whatever you want, including coffee, tea, toast, snacks, or simply bring your own food.

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Of course, drinking cappuccinos and eating baguettes or cakes every day can become rather expensive – on both your wallet and your waist. But fear not, option two requires very little money.


Ziferblat. One of the finer ‘coffices’ in London, and a freelance watering hole of note.

Green spaces

If cabin fever’s getting the better of you, why not change your environment? Take something to snack on and get creative in nature. Timeout has a nice list of the capital’s secret gardens and blissfully tranquil open spaces.

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If you need to brainstorm ideas or plan a design, take a pen and paper (or your iPad) to one of London’s many green spaces. photo credit: pavlinajane via photopin cc

Communal work spaces

There are fantastic places in London where you can rent an office space for an hour or a day and share facilities like fax, kitchens and boardrooms. The downside is that these environments can become rather busy and a little distracting. Still, it doesn’t harm to look around and find one that works for you. KindredHQ lists their top 10 work spaces, while Londond Loves Business provides a comprehensive top 20 list.

'Moz Space' London, one of several collaborative open spaces that Mozilla Firefox is launching around the world.

‘Moz Space’ London, one of many collaborative spaces that Mozilla Firefox has launched around the world.

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