Claiming your NI Rebate – Take Control of Your Finances

The deadline to apply for the NI (National Insurance) Rebate is the 5th April 2010 so don’t miss out on this opportunity to take control of your finances.

What is an NI Rebate?

Very few people are aware that the government gives us a choice as to where some of our NI contributions should go. Anyone who is resident in the UK and who pays NI can opt to rebate some of their contributions.

Why Claim your NI Rebate?

Should foreigners residing in the UK decide to return home, their NI contributions will remain in the state pension where they will not be able to touch their plans until the age of 68. Even worse, this benefit is frozen and doesn’t accumulate growth with inflation i.e. over time the real value is lost.

For individuals planning to leave the UK in the future, transferring their NI contributions into their personal pensions will present far greater value. This will allow the invested money to grow as well as create increased flexibility to transfer the funds to different countries, and on the whole increase future wealth.

Claiming an NI Rebate is very straightforward. All you need do is click on the following link and follow the simple instructions on the website.

NI Rebate claim form

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The ability to Contract out of the State Second Pension and have those contributions paid into your own personal pension – as suggested above – was stopped on 5 April 2012. This is something you can no longer do, as the Government looks to simplify the state pension to a single entitlement.


  • http://NIRebateandTaxClaim Shari Wheeler

    Hi there,

    I worked over in the UK from April 2001 to Feb 2005. I received a letter from HM Revenue and Customs dated 23 Jan 2008 requesting I pay a shortfall in NI contributions from April 2005 to April 2006. I wrote back stating I left the UK Feb 2005 and I had informed them prior to leaving the UK.

    Do you think it would be too late to see if I was due reimbursement of NI contributions or a tax claim?


  • Melany Jacoby

    Hi, I have been living and working in the UK on a south African passport and the last 8 years and have just received my British passport. I have also now left the uk to go travelling for a couple of years but plan on popping back to the UK for the summer months to work again. Would it be best to leave it there so i can contribute towards my pension every time I work in the UK, or would it be more worthwhile to claim it back and put it into a private pension.



  • Sonya

    Hi.i’m bulgarian nationality and worked in uk 7 years.i leaving uk forever and not coming back.can i claim back my national insurance and if yes what i need to do? Thanks