Claim your NI Rebate – on average £1,645

Many people are unaware that you can claim back National Insurance Contributions while working in the UK. This is different from a tax rebate which you can only do when arriving and leaving the UK. An NI (National Insurance) Rebate can be claimed at anytime and only needs to be done once (from thereon it is automatically done for you each year). So what is an NI Rebate? Much of your National Insurance goes towards the State Second Pension. This is a voluntary scheme and any individual working in the UK can choose take this money for them self instead. The money can’t be given to you in cash but is rather put into your own personal pension. For an average person working on a salary of £30,000 the rebate will be around £1,645. For foreigners this is a no brainer since this rebate will be far more beneficial than expecting to receive a pension from the UK government when you eventually retire and aren’t even living in the country.

Claim your rebate here



  • Ratidzo Mkondo

    i would like to claim my NI rebates,could you give me the right address please

  • admin

    Hi Ratidzo

    You can claim your NI Rebate online at


  • sharon taylor

    i wud like to claim my tax rebate

  • Taryn

    When is the best time to submit an NI rebate before the end of the tax year? I will be in the UK for this rebate, but next year I will be back in Australia. What will happen to that NI rebate?


  • Tibor & wife


    we are working and living in UK(Scotland then West North UK) since
    2006.We can claiming our NI Rebate since from 2006?

  • sakthimohan

    Hi there,

    im working in this country since 2006. i got PR(ILR visa) if i clime NI Rebate its gonna be affect my GP…..

    please can you give me full details about this please

    kind regards

  • meg


    I am an Australia who has worked full time in the UK from May 2013 and will do until November 2018 on and ancestry visa and then will leave to go back to Australia. Can you please advise if I can apply for any sort of tax or NI rebate?