Christmas in South Africa?

Start planning your travel money now. If you’re a South African living in the UK and looking forward to heading back to SA for some sunshine and family time over the December holidays, you’re probably already calculating how much you’ll have to spend on all that delectable seafood and steak, the sugar cones, mojitos and cosmos…. Don’t stress – the Rand Travel Card will make you feel like a local again, paying in Rands!

The 1st Contact Travel Money Card works just like a MasterCard Debit Card, but because it’s pre-paid you’re spending your own money instead of incurring credit card debt. But that’s just one of the many benefits…

Start Saving Now

One of the great things about the 1st Contact Travel Money Card is that you can load money anytime you like online or on your mobile phone, in the weeks leading up to your holiday. This allows you to save until you arrive in SA, as the card is loaded with Rands and can only be used in South Africa!

Transparent Exchange Rates

The rate you see online when you load your money is the rate you get, so you always know where you stand. 1st Contact Forex are able to offer excellent exchange rates, due to a) their buying power and b) their real passion for saving their clients money!

Great Fee Structure

Another way they demonstrate this passion is by charging ZERO COMMISSION, unlike other travel money cards. Another huge bonus is that there is only a small fee for ATM withdrawals and NO FEE AT ALL for swiping the card in restaurants or shops in South Africa.

To get your Travel Money Card and start loading it with Rands at a great exchange rate, visit or call 0808 141 2309 to find out more.