British Citizenship Opportunities Not Lost as UK Promotes ‘Circular Migration’

The UK government has launched an international action plan to encourage ‘circular migration’ and prevent illegal immigration. Through a points-based system, skilled temporary residents may be able to ‘pause’ their journey to UK citizenship, returning home to contribute their expertise.

Circular MigrationLaunched on 1st March 2010, “International challenges, international solutions: managing the movement of people and goods”, is a Home Office and Foreign & Commonwealth Office joint strategy.  With advice from the Migration Advisory Committee, the government will continue to ensure that Britain only gets the skilled workers it needs, and no more.

This news means that skilled foreign nationals considering migrating should seek specialist assistance from an experienced immigration service provider such as 1st Contact, to obtain the most suitable and valid visa prior to travelling to the UK.

“Shortages in the UK labour market can be filled by skilled foreign nationals, bringing great benefit to the UK,”

The proposals look at giving skilled migrants the opportunity to return to their home country, without interfering with their path to British citizenship. 1st Contact Visas Manager, Stephen Atkinson, says that 1st Contact supports this commitment to circular migration.

“Shortages in the UK labour market can be filled by skilled foreign nationals, bringing great benefit to the UK,” Atkinson says. Now developing nations can also benefit when these workers are encouraged and allowed to invest their new-found skills back home.

UK Borders and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas agrees that many skilled migrants “plug hard-to-fill jobs gaps, playing a key role in running public services – especially in health and education”.  Yet it is important to reduce the skills-loss that deprives developing nations of the skilled people they need most.  “It’s in our long-term interest that these countries have the doctors, nurses and teachers who are so crucial to their development,” he says.

The action plan also outlines a commitment to protect UK borders through cooperation with foreign governments and enforcement agencies overseas.  Atkinson says 1st Contact and other industry professionals welcome the UK government’s pledge to develop resources in emerging and developing countries, helping prevent illegal immigration, people trafficking and stopping of organised crime.

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