Boost your Travelling Safety Savvy!

Having a safe trip is of paramount concern to all travellers and with this in mind, expert Immigration group 1st Contact have put together a few simple steps to help you to be a super safe and savvy traveller:

Keeping your money safe is probably one of the most important safety measures you need to take when planning a trip. The 1st Contact Travel Money Card is by far the safest option. This chip and pin Mastercard is safe and easy to use and can be cancelled in a heartbeat via a text message should you accidentally lose it. You can top it up as you travel, helping you stay aware of your spending and thereby staying well within your budget. All in all, this sleek black card is your ideal travel companion.

  • Invest in proper padlocks from a hardware store to lock your suitcases, both combination and ‘travel locks’ are easy to break.
  • Wear the minimum of jewellery whether going out in the day or night. Bling is great to look at but it also an easy target for a quick snatch and grab.
  • Keep your camera in a discreet bag, preferably not a bulky ‘look at me I am a camera bag’ bag. Keep it strapped around your wrist or around your neck when you are using it.
  • Be especially alert in crowded areas such as markets, festivals and busy tourist sites, railway and bus stations, as well as in the buses and trains themselves. Always travel first class if possible.
  • Keep all important documents such as your passport close to your person in a security wallet worn under your clothes. This includes your mobile phone which should be fully charged in case of emergencies.
  • Use maps (available at most tourist centers) to familiarise yourself with the places you are planning on going to, to avoid wondering into dodgy territory accidentally. It is also really worth it to find out where the local police station is.
  • Make a photocopy of all of your important documents, one for home and one to keep with you just in case. This way you can easily prove that you owned what you have lost.

    Ladies its just not worth taking your handbag with you! Get a discreet across-the-body pack for all your necessaries such as maps and makeup.

Just remember that most crimes against tourists are avoidable and are rarely violent. By taking small precautions and keeping your eyes open means you can just relax and enjoy yourself.

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