The Apple iPad Launch: Ten Applications You Should Use

With a million Apple iPads sold within the first few weeks of its launch, it’s time to look at ten of its applications and how you could be using them to find a new career, chat with friends and work with your money.

The iPad is the latest offering from Steve Job’s Apple. Launched to change the way people think about lap top computation, this nifty little device combines everything you’ve come to expect from the stylish and easy-to-use Apple brand. With thousands upon thousands of applications available to the platform, the possibilities to simplify your life is greatly improved.

Ten iPad applications you could use to balance your social and work life.

Heathrow Airport – iPlane Flight

Put the busiest airport in Europe in your pocket with this brilliant application. Keep an eye on arrival and departure dates as well canceled and delayed flights.

Documents To Go® – Office Suite

Impress your boss with your new found productivity wit the Documents To Go application. Make mince meat out of Word documents and excel at Excel.

Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader

While you’re waiting for your train, plane or bus to reach its destination use Zino’s application to read your favourite magazines. Flick through as many magazines as you like seamlessly and either in portrait or landscape.


With a hectic life like yours you have to stay organised. Make priority lists of what needs to be done get it Sorted and get yourself as much to to relax and enjoy yourself as you can.

iCurrency Pad

If you’re sending money home or abroad you really do need to keep an eye on your currency rates to get the best deal. This elegant calculator application uses up to the minute data to display conversion rates and historical currency data.


It needs no introduction. The IP phone service that allows people to call and message each other at a fraction of the cost. Call Bertha in Perth and find out how the cats are doing, or give Peter in Jo’berg a bell to see what he and the Missus are up to nowadays. There’s no reason not to be in touch with Skype.

London (News, Events, and Jobs)

As well as keeping you up to date with the latest news and where the best parties are happening, this precocious device aggregates all the job data from search engines like Indeed, SimplyHired, and Monster. Job hunting can now be done from the couch. Result!

News Australia Plus 2.0

Number 1 in news applications, in Australia, News Australia Plus 2.0 bring you news from all the top news websites. Read updates every hour and in landscape or portrait.


A bit of editing in photos is expected and you can do as much editin with Photogene as your hear desires. Sharpen, crop, black/white and text bubble your photos they way you like ’em!


Not just your average Cricket score update stream. This application can also push the latest Cricket videos from Youtube to your device! Six and out!

iPad prices start from around £529. Visit the UK Apple store for more details.

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